Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I might be a little crafty.....

If you've met me you know that I LOVE to create things. It creates a small problem in my craft room in that I frequently have so many projects going that I have no room to walk, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE to create things. I stumbled upon another crafters web site (no I'm not sharing because some of your Christmas gifts are coming from her ideas) and her husband has asked her a series of questions lately.
"How much would the raw materials for that item cost you to buy?"
"Do you have the skills/tools to make it yourself?"
"Would you have more fun buying it or making it?"

So I laugh because these are the questions I ask myself when I start getting into a project. Irony is I can say no to either of the first two questions, but it's that third question that gets me every time. I have so much fun making things that I can't help myself! I will go out and learn skills (actually usually use my science knowledge and figure it out), or buy a tool (usually have the tools here though - I've built up quite a stash over the years). I've come to accept the fact that raw crafting supplies are inherently over priced so that you feel compelled to purchase an already completed one and encourage this age of materialism. About to get on a soap box there and I certainly don't want this post to go there. Any way - I love looking at thrift stores, and toss outs for things to craft with. Problem is storing my finds.
It comes down to this - why craft. I do it because it makes my heart all a flutter and I love seeing what comes from nothing. I love the process, the journey. I love looking at an ordinary object (usually trash) and imagining it's potential. I love bringing about it's potential. I love the look on peoples faces when they say "You made this?". My mind thrives on the thought process that goes into figuring out how to make something and trying to make that item uniquely for the person it's intended for. One of my secrets to crafting is that while I'm making the item I'm always in prayer for that person. It's my little spiritual link. I think it makes such a nice touch for the gift. Only God and I know that it's there. OK - so now all you know too, but you get the point. Even when I'm crafting for people I don't know I pray for them. I pray over the item, that it brings them joy and peace. That they feel the love of God come through it, and that they accept the blessings God has to offer them.
That brings me to Christmas. I encourage you to find a trash to turn into treasure, pray over it, and give it to someone. Though not everyone I know will get a handmade gift from me - I just don't have enough hours in the day - know that I love you and pray each day for you. Off to create wonderful food to nourish our bodies, an album to bless the heart, and other crafts that are top secret :) Love you!!!!!

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