Sunday, January 10, 2010


My post yesterday morning on FB read

Almost packed for my 13 hour crop today. Realizing that a little more organization and my room will be functional again. Have very few old kits left to work from. Maybe this summer I'll get them all done.

Tonight it reads

There's been a secret in my office (AKA craft room)........ It has a floor! There was another not so pleasant secret or actually a great secret. I thought I was down to about 20 "old" kits to work from and found probably another 20 today. WOO HOO!!! NEW SCRAP STUFF!!!!! (ok new to my eyes and did cost me a thing in 2009 or 2010)

This leads me to thinking. I scrap to preserve memories, but these kits hold a certain amount of memories. I bought the vast majority of these kits from a little kit club called Home Grown Scrapbooks. I loved Home Grown and the ladies on it. Got to be friends with the owner Stephanie. How I miss our frequent chats about everything under the sun. She knew what products fit my style and how much I just loved to play. I would be on the message boards almost every night chatting with the ladies from all over the globe and how they would inspire me! Home Grown's been gone for over a year now - I think. I miss the community. I miss the connection with my friends. Yes I have great friends that are local. Yes I have my buddy Dawn who's scrapped with me even when it got a little to messy for her tastes, but I was in HEAVEN!!! Oh I love me some Tim! I'm going to do another altered canvas soon - I swear. I have it all planned in my head and have the supplies at the ready. Oh - I digress because Tim entered my mind.

Yesterday I got the most wonderful opportunity. It could have gone horribly, but it went WONDERFULY!! Scrapping Betty over at 2peas coordinated a 13 hour crop for the peas over at Archivers. Usually I just refer to various stores by my little short hand, but Archivers deserves a full shout out. 10 of us peas gathered at Archivers without knowing each other - had to be trusting there. Everyone was respectful of the other peoples space, food needs, temperature needs, and they praised each persons work without being over bearing. The 13 hours flew by! So with jet lagged Dawn at my side we scrapped until we could scrap no more. Some old friends from Scrapbook Crossing came and there were a few new ladies that it was just exciting to meet. Ginger and Stephanie - we'll have to do cards some time.

The moral of my story is that while I was mourning the loss of my community from Home Grown, God put into place a great community of women who live local and have similar passions and are PEAS! Scrap to preserve memories and Scrap to make new ones. Ysterday was a day I will never forget. I love picking peas!

Now that I've found the floor in my craft room I must go play! Now where's the desk? ;)

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