Saturday, December 26, 2009

'Tis a Gift

I have always loved that song " 'Tis a Gift to be Simple" it's so comforting. It talks about being in harmony - homeostasis for all my science nerds out there. I've been reading blog posts, threads at my favorite sites etc and noticing that a lot of people seemed to have found this balance this Christmas. Yes there were the occasional "I didn't get what I wanted" or "My family is..." followed by something negative, but for the most part there were comments on the blessings seen this season.
Yesterday we vidoe chatted Nate's brother Luke and his girlfriend Laura in for Christmas. It was fun to share with them even though they were in New York ad we were in Texas. We had connection problems everywhere. Video was always great, but audio required a few re-boots. In the scheme of things that is not a huge problem, but you really had to time things just right.
As I was reading a thread one lady posted how Skype worked through out their whole Christmas and how amazed she was. Each child would grab a gift with their name on it. Sit in the office chair, and open it. Their father also opened a few small gifts that the children got to see on the screene. The family was dealing with dad being a bit farther apart than Texas and New York. Dad is in the military and mom says at "an undisclosed sandy location". What a blessing for that family to spend the time together and that the technology held. Mom talked about thanking Santa Clause for such a gift, but I didn't realize it until someone else on the thread said something about Santa. I guess in my rose colored glases world I had read "Thanks be to God!" I could see God's hand all over this blessing - this miracle. Putting the technology in place, the family in the right place, and keeping the Skype open.
So here I sit, counting blessings and realizing that they are too numerous to count. Many blessings to you and your family through out the new year.

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