Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beautiful Subjects to Shoot

This weekend turned into many surprises. They were wonderful surprises, full of beautiful subjects to shoot. I started Saturday morning with a trip in the rain to photo graph a few cakes from Angel's Bakery. If I haven't told you yet you must order something from Niki! I understand that she's got a few cake pops ready if you need a little cake fix ;) I like the option of cake pops. I can call her up and within about 24 hours (even immediately sometimes) she can get at least a cake pop whipped up. For $2 I can get just the right amount of cake for me. No incriminating evidence to take home to the children or temptations sitting on my counter for the week. Just a little something to fill the sweet tooth. Niki's talents don't stop at cake pops. Check out this amazing Superman cake! It was HUGE!!!!!

After we took pictures of the Superman cake Niki pulls out this AMAZING whimsical cake. Now I must confess this is a wedding cake, but can you just see that coming in for a birthday! Guests would be in total amazement! When my daughter saw it she fell in love and immediately called Niki to order one like it for her birthday. She LOVED the orange color and the swirls and the shape and.... Well you get the picture. What is not in this photo are little swirls coming out of the top like fireworks just amazing! So, I know most people see fondant work and go YUCK! I have to admit I am the same way and about died the first time Niki served me a cake with fondant on it. Niki seems to know these things and correct them. All of her icings and fondants are the most unique flavors and WONDERFUL! I can't turn down her deserts. I have no idea how our school resource officer is doing it. Niki makes special deliveries to school for me some times and I love her for it, but the SRO has managed to say no to temptation the past few times. I have no idea how because I always here my inner voice going "Just one more". My co-workers love it when Niki comes with cake. Keep in mind that teacher appreciation week will come up quickly in May and cake pops from Angel's Bakery would be perfect!

Then my friend Nanette said she was bringing her beautiful daughter over for the card swap we were doing. I said GREAT! You must let me photograph her. Just look at those amazing eyes! Baby J was not exactly in a photograph mood, but we managed to get a few good shots. She really loved Ms. Kirsten and would smile, clap, touch her toes anything for Ms. Kirsten. Granted Ms. Kirsten is a pretty amazing lady who always brings a smile to my face. Check out the little booties that Baby J is wearing! Hand made by Three Little Butterflies. If you have a little one or know an expecting these are great little accessories.

Then I got to photograph this gorgeous little baby! Baby S is 6 months old and just starting to sit up. She would roll around and coo and smile. I just loved taking pictures of her. When my kids came home from the fair they giggled over everything Baby S did.

After all that we were sitting down to brisket smoked to perfection by Nathan when we got an exciting phone call. We were asked if we would like to photograph Leading Ladies over at Way Off Broadway Community Players. Of course we would! We called the grandparents who were happy to head up and watch the kids. We're still processing those pics so you'll have to catch them on our Facebook page. I'll also have a few more from the above shoots over there - just to many cute ones to post here.
Biggest news.... I saw a few bluebonnets coming up. Be ready for bluebonnet pics in a week or so. We'll probably be running a special ;) I'll post that on the Facebook page when it's time.

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