Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring as Sprung

Spring is always energizing for me. I feel that I can conqure the world from the first hint of warm weather until that first cold snap. This week has been Spring Break for me - isn't it great to be a teacher some times! I had a project list a mile long, but worked diligently all week.
Started off making little purses for A's birthday party in May. I think I made 12 of them, but lost count in all the cuteness.
Slight diversion with my BFF Niki of Angel's Bakery. If you have not had one of her cake pops you must! Niki humored me as I searched for new props. Though I didn't find any props I did find some great back drops that I absolutely can't wait to use! Also found - a great little hole in the wall restaurant that you just have to try. The food was melt in your mouth fantastic! Eat Lunch at Sam's. You won't be disappointed - they really are only open for breakfast and lunch though. We talked a bit more on our own little Alice in Wonderland shoot. We might need more models ;) when the time comes so you will want to follow us on Facebook. Niki and I are also chatting about a special birthday program that will be so much fun! Tomorrow I get to photograph two of her stunning cakes for her portfolio.
Talking about taking product pictures, I'm also taking photographs for Three Little Butterflies. A cute little Etsy shop. Charu makes knitted booties and other such things. I'm actually looking at some little hats from her for props because she makes beautiful things!
I can't forget to mention our Charity session that is booking right now. On Easter Sunday we will be taking Easter portraits at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church to benefit their tuition assistance program. This is a great opportunity to help children who might not otherwise be able to access the high quality of care that the teachers and staff of GSLC offer. Both of my children have attended GSLC since they were born and are continuing for after school care. If you've met my children you know that they can get a little creative with idle time. The teachers have kept their little minds working and even met their unique needs. They feel empowered and part of the community when they are there. Z and A talk about how much fun they have at GSLC and what types of things they have learned about. They share about chapel time and frequently sing the music they learn at the top of their lungs! We were listening to a CD to preare for Kids Easter Praise Team and they immediately recognized Mr. Kyle's drums and Mr. Eddie's voice. They were so excited to sing along with Mr. Kyle and Mr. Eddie.
In the midst of this I've been doing a little prep work for summer activities. I'm using left over jeans to make a picnic blanket for our family trips to the Austin Symphony's Summer Series. It will be wonderful to have a blanket that doesn't pick up every piece of grass out there, and is easy to wash. Can you tell I'm excited about summer activities!
Left on the to do list is 100 journals for school, and 20 cards for a card swap tomorrow. I'm also keeping a close eye out for bluebonnets. When I see the first sights I'll start booking for bluebonnet sessions. Get your favorite outfits ready.
Somewhere in the midst of all this I went to my first UT baseball game. We were so close I felt like part of the action. We also took a family stroll on SoCo. The kids have always loved going to Big Top Candy Shop for the occasional treat, but this time we took a few minutes to eat at Fran's. I had never tried one of their shakes before, but will now. They were WONDERFUL! Also took the kids into the great little shops including Uncommon Objects and Monkey See Monkey Do. We skipped Lucy in Disguise because the kids would have never left!
Talking about the kids. Z is launching this years Well Wishes activities with a yard sale on 4/17. Start gathering your items. Z is trying to raise $8,000 for a water well in a country that doesn't have safe drinking water. Last year he raised about $650. He's also participating in National Lemonade Stand Day to kick off his weekends of lemonade stands for the same cause.
As you can see spring has spung and we've all sprung into action around here. Hopefully I'll have some photos tomorrow for you ;)

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