Sunday, August 15, 2010

How To Treat Your Kids Teacher

It's no secret - the past 3 years of public school have been a difficult journey for us. The good news is that all the testing is done and we have words to explain to the school why our kiddo is as interesting as he is. In this journey there might have been a few feelings hurt. I really feel that they need to get over it, but that's just my philosophy of being in any professional atmosphere. Some days people are not going to agree with you and that's just the way it is. If you choose to carry those feelings around shame on you, if you choose to contaminate others with those feelings then really SHAME on you! And shame on that person for listening and not developing their own relationship. Any way - we know that our name has been used in vain around the district. We know that we've been called "one of those parents", and we wear that title proudly. It means that we are well informed and involved parents. We advocate for our child's needs.
So this is a new year with a new teacher who hasn't had our quirky little kid yet, and our youngest is now going to the big bad elementary school. We are all doing our best not to impose our fears for the year upon her so that she can have an amazing kindergarten experience that she deserves. She's very intuitive and knows somethings up, but she's giving it a shot. Trust me when I say public school scares the begeshus out of us. Not because public school is bad or that the teacher are bad or that no one cares. I honestly feel that everyone has cared we just didn't have the tools needed to meet my kids needs. Everyone certainly has done their best, we've all just fallen short.
Knowing this how do we approach the new year. Do we do a preemptive strike and try to meet with the teacher right off the bat to prove all the nasty rumors untrue? Do we go in demanding that she do all this extra stuff and threaten her into doing them? Honestly that would only prove the rumors true. We have developed a plan to create a team atmosphere with the teachers.
Our first contact will be at open house. This is our opportunity for a face to face and learning our teaches love language (I hope it's sweets!). We are going to learn as much as we can about her in that time. We are going to be on the volunteer list and be ready. We are going to look at her wish list and actually get something from it. First day of school we're bringing a homemade treat. Cookies are always good right? We are going to shower her with love and appreciation where as before we've been afraid to have contact with the teachers. We are going to leave the past in the past and start fresh. It's the kinder feeling for both kids - a rebirth.
We are ready for a GREAT year! One where the team in direct contact with our children work as a team and no one feels the need for an advocate. One where we don't have to meet with the principal every time we turn around. We're ready for normal. We're ready for this to be a community.

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