Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Little Thank You Goes A Long Way

I wanted to provide a follow up on the Teacher Survival Kits. The kids were excited to bring in their little gift to their teachers. It was just fun to see their faces when they looked into the bag. My apologies for not taking a picture of the bag. It was a hectic start to the new year.
When Z and A came home from school that day they both reported that their teachers loved the gift. Z was so excited to show me the thank you note his teacher had given him that day. His teachers have always given him a thank you note when he's brought a gift to school, but this time was different. There was a feeling of comfort to it. Z said that through out the day when he felt sad he would open the card, read it, and it would make him feel better. My first thought was "YEAH! He's created an emotional attachment to his teacher and it's a positive one!" This is something we've wanted all along and it just never seems to happen. Later that evening I was at the fridge and there was the note, prominently displayed on the front of the fridge. His teacher had earned a place of honor. Her little card says "Winkley Elementary A Great Place To Learn", and I think this year that statement is true.

A couple days later A got her thank you card. She is a card kid. She loves cards and mail and pictures. Of course she had to put her thank you on the fridge like her big brother did. She put it on her teddy bear clip. This is no ordinary clip. It's a clip they made in class the first day just for fridge art. One of the things the teacher told them was that it only holds two pieces of paper. I want to kiss the teacher for that. A is a horder when it comes to papers. She is also a rule follower. She started of the year knowing that she can only save two pieces of paper but the others had to go in the trash. I'm not sure there are enough thank you's in the world for that little stroke of genius! I'm certain that there will be any more shares about her this year.
For two little kids, a little thank you was all it took to win their hearts for a successful school year. They felt a personal connection to their teachers and are looking forward to the opportunities of school this year. Thank you Mrs. Harper and Mrs. Bronstad for such a great start!

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