Thursday, September 16, 2010


I came across this term today - "blogstipated" on Dandelion Wishes blog. It made me giggle so much! So I had to think about it - a lot - for a long time - reading google reader - locking the door so the natives don't bug me even though I can hear their cries. "Mommy" .... "Moooommmmyyyyy".... MOOOOOOOOOOOOmY!!!!!". Finally I have to shout, "LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!" Next thing I know the littlest one is standing next to me. She is so close that I feel her breath on my elbow. I don't dare divert my gaze from the blog I'm reading. Maybe if I pretend she's not there she'll go away. Moments pass - it might be an eternity, who knows I'm blogging. Finally in the sweetest little sing song voice (that grates on my ear at this moment because I'm blogging) I hear, "mom".
"Umm... umm.... My ant bite hurts."
"You mean the one from last week?"
"Yes. It hurts."
"What do you want me to do about it?"
"Would you come to my room and look at it?" (HOLD ON SISTER!!!! I know you and your conniving ways! You know that a mom can't resist the urge to heal a boo boo, and that if I take my eyes off this screen you win! I will never get back on the computer! I've got your number.)
"Let me see the bite."
"See?" (insert batting eye emoticon here and make it the face of a 5yo who is freshly bathed so she no longer smells of the kindergarten funk she picked up through out her day)
"That bite has already popped and is healing. There is nothing I can do about it."
"PUHHHLLLLEAAAASE!!! Get all the white stuff out."
"There is no puss left in there. It's popped and healing."
"Ok. In a minute."
She peacefully goes to her room to wait, playing all angelic like. I know what she's up to. She wants me to come in there look at her boo boo and hang out till bed time - which is only about 5 minutes away.
I go in and comply with the puss removal request. Once again I prove that mom is ALWAYS right! There was no puss. None. Nothing to even look at. She emits a giant fake scream for attention and complains that I hurt her in the non-existant puss removal. Which I quickly respond with "Be careful what you ask for. You may actually get it."
Then I have to walk away or she really thinks she won. If I say bed time I'm stuck with the million question put off bed time routine. Combined with the infinite hugs, and caresses. All those words of affection and affirmations that I'm the "Best mom ever!" and I am - really.
I get back to my blogging and it happens. Native number two - the boy comes in. He's got 8 years experience in this game. He knows that if he stands there long enough and talks I'll turn to him. It doesn't help that he has some habits that are particularly annoying to tired adults who are trying to block them out. He can't get his words out completely so you may hear the same partial thought a few times - who am I kidding A MILLION times before you complete the thought for him! Then there's the rocking as he stands - side to side without a knee bend. Add to that the finger rubbing. It's enough to make you look over just to check that nothing is falling off. Amazingly when you respond the thoughts flood out - as if the dam just broke and every thought he's had for the day is coming out. All those "How was your day?" questions moms do after school suddenly have an answer other than, "Fine." "Nothing." "OK." Really?!?!! It's bed time and now you want to talk?!?!?!?! AH! He's won again! It's after bed time and he knows it! This one can tell time - both analogue and digital because that's how we roll in this house. Remember - We're a TEKS based house :)
Dang it - save the blogging for another night. Who cares that I have 50 cyber friends who have no idea I exist to catch up with. I get the opportunity to hug on my children. Tell them how wonderful and amazing they are and feel blessed by the gifts they are.
So Mamarazzi - the answer to question #1 "What do you do when you're blogstipated?" I write satirical posts about the most mundane things in my life. I do think the one about grocery shopping was the best.
Question #2 - "Do you feel a sense of responsibility to keep your blog current for your readers?"
Nope. If they waited on me they could wait 'till Christmas 2014 (both children will be over 18 by then) - OK maybe May 2015 we all know that us teachers don't rest until schools out.
Question #3 - "Do you ever delve into super serious topics on your blog, just to get it out?" Yes. Read any post about working with the school to get my son's needs met. It was hard being the employee and the parent. One role had to shut off, and parent is forever.
Question #4 - "Do you have a blog post in your draft folder that you WANT to post but are nervous to post?" I used to. Then I posted it and now I just let them fly.

If you're reading this and not Mamarazzi feel free to answer the questions on your own blog and post back. I would love to see your answer.


  1. Anonymous6:05 PM

    "Blogstipated" - HA! I love that!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  2. Kayla - thanks for popping by! Made my day :)

  3. i cannot believe it took me so long to get over here. i think i must have first viewed your comment from my phone and decided i would come by later...ugh. ANYrude, sorry i am late and i appreciate your answers and the bloggy shout out. RAD! i hope you pop in again soon!


Thank you for commenting. It makes me so happy! I'm not a widely read blog so I always wonder if anyone is reading or if I'm just talking to myself.