Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Feelin' Bloggy

I was going through pictures from this summer to help Z with some homework. Well - sorda' homework. Z decided to run for student representative. I am very excited about this for him. Tonight he finished up his poster, but we thought it needed a little something. A picture of him was the thing. Had to be a current picture and one that wasn't too crazy. He vetoed the 'smores picture but it was my favorite. Got me thinking about fall - btw is next Wednesday.

He also needed pictures for after school care for some project they're doing. I love that he goes to an after school program that is more than containing the restless natives in a room. It was so much fun to look at the pictures and remember the great things we did this summer as a family. I enjoyed watching them explore at the children's museum. Each time they go they have a new favorite activity. Part of the feelings caught in the pictures has to do with the great sibling relationship Z and A have. They are 3 years apart and are the best of friends. Such a joy to have kids who love each other that much. I can't wait to clear a few more projects laying about so that I can scrapbook it.

On our way to Georgia this summer we stopped off in Alabama to surprise my grandfather. We had already told him we would not see him this summer at the reunion because we were headed to Georgia for another reunion. I know that he was disappointed to hear that. On the way to Georgia opportunity knocked and we were able to take a little side trip to Guntersville. They have a fantastic state park up there if you are ever interested. It's newly remodeled and the price reflects that.Don't plan to go for Spring Break - it's usually snowing then. When I was a kid my grandfather lived in Chicago. He would meet me at the airport and hang out through the long layovers on my way to visit my other grand parents in Michigan. Despite not being able to spend lots of time with him I knew how much he loved me by the look in his face every time we were able to see each other. He's a man of few words, but a deep soul.

In Georgia we spent time with the in laws family. Now let me tell you about the in laws - there is no such thing as an in law there is only family. I LOVE IT! When I was a kid my parents divorced and remarried. I always felt different around the step families for various reasons. Well last fall we added to our family and got a 6yo out of the deal. A and A spent the whole reunion with each other. They were thick as thieves, and rivaled Z and A's relationship. The last thing any one in the family wanted was for A to feel anything less than family. No matter what she is our family. A wants to call A on skype so I need to set that up one of these days. It's just a blessing to have such a great network of family. So as I sit and look at the photos from this summer I just think about the blessings of family, and the relationships that are firmly planted in our hearts. I pray these blessings for you as well.

Don't ya' love the supermodel pose? :)


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  2. Not sure how my ramblings helped, but happy to help any time :)


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