Thursday, September 02, 2010

Short Update

Nate sent in an e-mail about the meeting request. It was a polite e-mail. He copied a lot of people on it. Just like last time he sent an e-mail and copied district people there was a long pause and at the end of the day immediate results. The school called. The RTI meeting on the 14th that we weren't originally invited to was changed to the 7th and we were invited. Nate tried to explain that they did not need the RTI meeting, but the school insists. What ever. You're wasting your staffs time. They also scheduled a REED on the 10th. Amazingly within the 30 days as outlined in the Procedural Safeguards provided by TEA. They also informed us that they would like 60 days from that date to do testing. We'll see. Not excited by that plan. The superintendent did call us back. It was a very neutral call.
This ordeal keeps me up at night. I am tired of this situation and feeling like certain parties at the school are not interested in doing right and good by all. I know for a fact that this is not an isolated case. It is very frustrating. If it's frustrating for me - a parent who knows the rules, the guidelines, the chain of command, and the lingo - I can't imagine being a parent without that knowledge.

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