Sunday, October 17, 2010

How Do They Do That?! Part 2

I will have to say it was not a very eventful day - relatively speaking. No alarm clocks this morning! I so loved the opportunity to sleep in. At 7 am the dogs just couldn't hold it any more and were dancing by my bedside. Poor babies, they are used to going out at 4:30am and again at 6. I'm trying to train them that I don't like to be awakened by cold dog nose at 4:30am for a potty run and that if they would just wait it would be ok.
A was so excited for today because her little friend from school had a party today. The party wasn't until 3pm, but she ha to get dressed to go first thing. It was a princess party and they all came in their princess attire. A had to wear a undershirt which took some work to find the right one. The first was too small, the second didn't have sleeves so the dress still itched, the third was a long sleeved night shirt besides that she'd been wearing it all week to sleep in. The fourth was just right. A short sleeved night shirt. That kid has more issues with clothes than I'm willing to put up with. I've told her that she has to wear the clothes or find a way to make it work. She loves the look of synthetic cloth, but hates the feel. When she was 2 I made her ths beautiful little fairy costume with sparkles through out. I knew that the full thing of synthetic would bug her so I made a little cotton dressing gown for under it. She was SO CUTE!!!! But she wouldn't put her arms down to her side because she could feel the fabric. I got her to start trick or treating with the full outfit on, but Nate reported that she was out of the sparkle part by the second house. There was no way I could get her to wear the fairy wings. There was my beautiful little fairy in nothing but a dressing gown. The photos I took that year are some of my favorite Halloween photos of Z and A. Z was Superman in this outfit that had inflatable muscles. The looked like Superman and Lois Lane. I told him to hug her for a picture and she is so amazed by the muscles that she's just feeling them. Super cute! So off A goes as Cinderella for the party. The parent sent a note saying we could just drop off and didn't have to stay. Even though I do not know these parents and it's not the norm we did just drop off. I was with NJHS and Nate had Z. He did not need to be at a little girls princess party.
So I had to leave the house about 10:15 ish to do everything I needed to today, but I checked work e-mail. I had to check it to get the directions for today's event, but opened one that I thought might apply to today. I read it and responded because I had to - for me. It made me late leaving the house, but not as bad as the Sonic drive thru. OMGosh! That place was so slow today I thought they were having to go out back and butcher the cow!
Any way I made it to school with enough time to go grab the permission slips off the table and copy a few sets of directions. We caravaned down to Deker Lake for the Longhorn Triathalon. It's 5 hours in the sun cheering on the runners and other odd tasks, but that one activity can raise all the money we need for NJHS for the school year. It's amazing. We had an extremely low turn out this year despite frequent reminders and e-mails. Though I'm disappointed in our turn out it was a great activity for the afternoon. While I was there Nate and the kids went to get birthday presents and a new bike for Z. He had outgrown his and needed to pass his old one on to a friend.
On my way back to school I called Nate to update on my ETA. He said they were headed to pick up A from the party and then off to the grocery store. On the way to the grocery store he asked if there was anything additional he needed to get, and told me to sit back and relax for a bit. I tried that for a minute and then thought of the mess I left down stairs yesterday from school. I spent the next hour or so cleaning stamps. My body was so fatigued that I would clean a stamp, then rest a bit. The good news is that the stamps are cleaned. I'm also caught up on my DVRed episodes of Project Runway. So I only had about 20 minutes left to watch, I'm caught up. I also watched the storm chaser episode of Mythbusters. In between things I read blog posts from my feed. I hadn't read all weekend and expected the worst. I was at about 175 posts to read - not bad. It's almost bed time and I'm down to 84 posts in the reader. I think they'll keep for another day.
Bonus for the day - I reminded myself not to forget to eat a meal and was successful. I had tortilla chips for breakfast, Sonic for lunch, and Nate made sloppy joes for dinner. Throw in the snack of ice cream chased by garlic pita chips (the things you'll eat after being in the sun all day) and it's all good.
Somewhere in there the kids got their baths done and went to bed - early! A had to. She was crying at everything. She had her face beautifully painted at the party and I so wanted a picture of it, but she washed it off. When I said that I wanted a picture because it was cool she cried because I was supposed to say it was pretty.
It's 9pm and I'm headed into bed routine. The roar of the dishwasher is going, the laundry is ready to be switched over, and I'm pooped! Bed routine involves getting ready for bed and watching TV in the dark until I'm out cold. I bet I'll be asleep by 10 - unless there's a great episode of Top Gear on ;-)

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