Sunday, October 17, 2010

How Do They Do That?! Part 1

I am always hearing, "I don;t know how y'all do what y'all do." or " How do y'all keep up?" or my personal favorite "How do you get all the things done in a day that you get done?!" So I thought I would try to post daily for a week about or life to see if it gives anyone insight in how we do what we do. I'll be honest, I have no idea why people don't get more done in their day so I'm not sure how to answer the question. We all have the same number of hours in a day so it must be in how we use them. I'm concerned that these will be the most boring posts I have ever made, but you asked so I'll tell.
Saturday - In order to explain Saturday I'll have to start when Saturday started, and not with when I woke up. Friday night I was working on preping card stations for Super Saturday: Operation Write Home. At midnight I was working on the last station of the 12 or so I created. At 12:45 I was think, "I have to go to bed. Tomorrow is a long day and I need to sleep." About that time I had a little visitor at my craft room door, "Oh crap! I woke him up with my music and knocking around." went flying through my head. Then he said, "I don't feel so well." I told him to get a dink and go back to bed thinking it must be the horrible Central Texas allergies. He went down to get a drink, came back up and turned on the TV. I love that they can do things themselves now. Very helpful. I started wrapping up my stuff so that I could get some sleep. The next thing I know is Z is back at my door, "I threw up." Crap! He's sick! Time to kick into mom mode. I was hopeful that he made it to the toilet, but he was just short. As soon as I saw the vomit my stomach started to heave. Time to wake Nate. I hate doing that to him, but if I don't we'll have two piles of puke. After a few minutes of hovering over a toilet - just in case - I woke Nate who got to work. He gets Dad of the Day for that! I cleaned up my mess and we all went back to bed for a few hours rest. Ok so for me it wasn't back to bed, but it was a few hours rest. At some point in that sleep Z decided to come hover over me to inform me that he was going to puke again. I told him to puke in a toilet. It was gross and weird.
The alarm went off at 6:30 - yeah I got to sleep in an hour! Though not really because Z had to wake me several times that night, but oh well. Time to get up get moving, and make some cards! Got ready for the day, poured a bowl of cereal for A, loaded the car, argued with A about what to wear to cheer clinic. While all that was going on Nate discovered where Z didn't make it through out the night and worked on cleaning those spots. He also got A to agree to an outfit that was appropriate for the day, and helped load the car for stamp day.
Right on time 8:15 A and I were rolling out of the drive way and down the road. Almost, had to go back because I forgot to leave the check book for the yard guys. Funny thing is that as I pulled up Nate was walking out I didn't even call him. Either he saw me from the window or has a 6th sense about these things. Back on the road. We saw the neighbor kids mom driving up the street and that's when the complaining started. "I don't want to go to cheer. I want to stay home and play with O!" "A I garuntee you that O's mom was driving this early in the morning to drop her off at cheer and y'all will play there." Nope - it didn't end the argument. We swung through the corner store to get ice for the cooler, and then time to stop at the high school.
Every year LHS offers a cheer clinic for the kids. Usually Z goes, but he was scheduled to practice with Cheer Station today. He didn't go anywhere since he was sick. A went last year for the first time and had a good time. The lady at the registration table said she recognized my name from the pre-registers, but another mom came by and said that I was the NJHS sponsor at RBMS. Then my former NJHSers and current LHS cheerleaders all had to say hi! I love seeing them grow up. A tried to play shy, but I told her to go with D and sent her on her merry way. D said at the end of the day that A was spot on all day and then got shy again when I entered the room for the performance.
After that drop off I decided time for breakfast. There's a little donut shop by the high school and it's usually packed. I must have timed it just right because I was only the 3rd person in line and then the line grew. Ate while I drove around the corner to the middle school. It was hard to keep driving yesterday. Every street I went on there were some great yard sales. I so wanted to stop! I could see very usable things from the car window, but knew that one I didn't "need" anything and two I "had" to get to school. I was hopeful the lecture hall was already open so that I could get a jump start on things. If not I could stage in my room.
I was the only car in the parking lot, a weird feeling. As I approached the front door of the school I almost had a heart attack. The door was unlocked. I decided to go in and see if anyone was there. Whew! I was greeted by the custodian. Such a nice lady. She said that she was here for our event and just let her know if we needed anything. It was the first time I've had a custodian at one of my after school events. The kids and I have gotten good at cleaning up our own messes so she didn't have a lot to do.
Shortly after I got the car unloaded people started showing up. Everyone had their little stash of supplies in hand and ready to make cards. We set up tables and stations, put snacks in the hallway. It was wonderful! For 3.5 hours we made cards, got a little inky and had some snacks. The final count for the day was 505 cards! Nate only texted a couple times to let me know that Z was doing better. They tried to go to Academy to buy a bike, but that didn't go well. Z got tired and had to go home.
After card making I headed back over to the high school for A's little performance. It was shortly after 1:30 and the performance wasn't until 2, but at least I had a moment to potty, try to wash some of the ink off my hands, things like that. Spent some time talking with one of the cheer / NJHS moms. At 2pm we got to see the 2 cheers and 1 dance each squad worked on that day A's dance was super cute! I took pictures hopeful that my battery would hold out. Apparently I need to charge them.
We were home by about 3pm. I unloaded as much of the car as needed. The left over drinks and snacks from card making will be used for Sunday's NJHS activity so I just left them in the car. I decided that I had to have a nap in the one hour I had free. Nate was watching football, Z was being sick, and A was doing her thing. A nap was good. Z woke me right on time by laying on top of me. He doesn't realize how heavy he is now that he's 8 and that laying on me to get hug is almost squishing me.
At 4:15 I headed out for a girls night out. I had thought about canceling and taking care of the mess I left in the living room, or even relieving Nate of kid duty but decided that I really needed to do something for me. I met up with a couple ladies from work at the movie theater to see "Life as We Know It". As Kirsten said I cried thorough out the whole blasted movie. Yes I did. I cried A LOT! It was a good movie, especially for someone who doesn't go to movies often. Yes you knew what was going to happen. How many ways can you tell the story about a babies parents dying and the godparents having to take over. After the story I drove the ladies to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner. I LOVE diner food. I love weird little places and this place has both! We went to Austin's Diner. If you've never been you should go. It was so much fun to sit and chat over dinner. I felt like never getting up to go home. It was just fantastic to relax a bit and talk about anything but school.
I crawled into bed about 10pm and looked forward to no alarm clock in the morning. Watched a little Top Gear before drifting off to sleep. I love Top Gear. Not because I love cars or shows about cars, but because I find this show completely accessible. I laugh at the British Humor. Their test drives apply to me. Especially when they have their moms try different cars out. Their moms don't know where things are in the cars and that's frequently me in new cars. They also check how people would fit in the car, and how much stuff fits in the trunk. Totally up my alley. The practical jokes they play on people just crack me up! I never finish an episode though because I only watch in bed, but oh well. It was a great day all around.

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