Sunday, October 03, 2010


A had this head band from several Easters ago. It was a pink satin headband with the long satin ribbons steaming down from the ends. She never tied them, but loved them hanging down across her shoulders. One of the ribbons became detached and she thought super mom could just sew it back on. Unfortunately I could not figure it out. So I set out to find a way to re-purpose the ribbons.

I watched this tutorial on rolled fabric flowers and thought - why the heck not?! Just a warning - it is as easy as it looks and I'm hooked on doing it. Yes those are the headbands original ribbons. I do think next time I'll use a quicker drying glue. It took all day to set.

Now those little flowers are cute, but they needed something. I put little white feathers under them and bling centers for a super cute headband. It was so easy and A loves it. I think I could have done it a bit more off centered. but I didn't want to go to far and annoy her ears - then she would never wear the thing. I did have to suggest that next Easter we look for another one with the ribbons hanging down.

Sorry for the bad cell phone pics, but I wanted to get these up before she messed with the feathers too bad.

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