Sunday, October 24, 2010

Operation Write Home Sketch #40

I thought I would try this weeks Operation Write Home sketch challenge. This Snoopy stamp has been calling my name, but I couldn't think of what to do with him. Then I saw the challenge and thought "I HAVE to do SOMETHING with Snoopy!" Looking around my chaotic craft room I was at a loss. Then I saw a stash of scrap papers left over from last springs NJHS journals. The boy journals were guitar themed! Perfect for the rocker Snoopy stamp! Within an hour I had 6 rock star Snoopy cards ready for Operation Write Home!
Quick directions for my friends wanting to replicate a similar card, because it was super easy and anyone can do this!
I had scrap paper to start with so I didn't even cut it. I put one all the way at the bottom and one all the way at the top. No measuring or anything. I did have to cut off about an inch and a half off the end, but I used those pieces on another card project that I keep going. Remind me to tell you about that later.
I cut the black matting at 4.25 x 3.5, and the white cardstock to 3.25x4. Stamped Snoopy onto the white card stock then water colored the red in. To water color I use a water color pen and what ever ink pad tickles my fancy. This time it was red. Usually I can just squeeze the lid into the ink and use that as a pallet, but the lids were to tall on this brand. I pulled out my craft mat (LOVE that thing!!! I almost never craft without it) and put the ink pad right down on it. Wha-la! Pallet of red ink to paint with.
After that I distressed the edges of the white paper with my tonic blade thingy and inked the edges with a redish / orange glimmer ink I had lying around.
I glued the Snoopy images to the black paper. Here's the trick. When I cut the black papers I had a strip of paper left over (actually 2 strips of paper). I put a line of glue down the strips of black and then put them along the gap. Now I know you are saying "You do not have enough inches for 6 cards there!" Yes I do! Anywhere I have the Snoopy image I don't have to have the black strip so I just eyeballed about a half an inch on one side and an inch on the other. Covered the seam so nicely. Then I glued the Snoopy image (matted) on top of the card and it was done!
Rock On Snoopy! (Sorry for the bad cell phone picture. I'll try better next time.)

OH! I almost forgot the little scraps of paper I had left over! I keep itty bitty white cards at the ready. When I have a scrap paper, one embellishment, one rub on, anything I don't think I'll use in another project I just go ahead and make these little cards. Some times I use them with gifts, other times I pull a whole set together to give to someone (they fit in the inserts from a Crayon box). They make great lunch box note cards if you want to give your special someone a little lunch note.


  1. Love that stamp! What a fun card.

  2. love this card!! How fun!

  3. You did a great job with the sketch. Gotta love Snoopy!

  4. Definitely a fun card. I like your scrap ideas and would like to see some of those mini cards.

  5. Cute card.
    Thank you for leaving my a comment on my blog.
    No I am not from your area, I am from Ontario, Canada. Would love to visit one day though, on my long list of places to visit :)

  6. Snoopy is hilarious and your card is great!!

  7. Love the stamp. Thanks for leaving comments on my blog..


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