Sunday, October 31, 2010

Community Helpers

I felt an urge to spot light a local community helper. The idea came up yesterday afternoon when the kids and I were out running a few last minute errands for the Fall Festival today. We were driving through the parking lot at 1890 Ranch when I spotted a parent from school.No one was behind me so I stopped to say high. Mrs. Flesner is always such a joy to be around. Never a negative comment and always seeking ways to be helpful. Some days I wonder if she operates on a total lack of sleep like me, because she gets a million things done in her day. After we left Mrs. Flesner the kids asked who he was. Of course I had introduced them, but they wanted to know how I knew her. A thinks I know everyone because we seem to run into someone I know every where I go. At first I told them that Mrs. Flesner is one of the parents that helps at school, then I wondered something. I wondered if they noticed in their day how much it helped to have parents at school. I said, "Do you have parents that help at school that if they weren't there the school would stop running?" Both children said, "Yes". "Mrs. Flesner is a parent that if she weren't there our school would stop running." They totally understood that.
Mrs. Flesner is our parent volunteer coordinator. She is AMAZING at that. Not only does she get parents to help with things as teachers identify a need, but she frequently sees a need at school and gets parents coordinated. She listens to us very well and then says, "Can I get parents to help with that?" She even follows up to make sure we don't drop the ball, which I need terribly.
Besides coordinating parents, Mrs. Flesner attends the school functions. Actually I think she attends them all, and I'm not sure how she does that. She's not just telling the parents to be there, but she's attending and making sure parents have everything they need. She would make a great boss in that respect. t is not uncommon for Mrs. Flesner to already be at school helping out when I arrive at 7:45am. Keep in mind that our school doesn't open until 8:00am, and classes don't start until 8:55am. She even offered to cover my duty this week while I'm out at a conference.
Lynn Flesner gives of her time and talents with a kind heart not expecting anything in return. She is an amazing community helper and I am grateful to know her. What was she doing at 1890 Ranch yesterday? Once a month Mrs. Flesner and her daughter help the Humane Society at the pet store with animals that are up for adoption. They work together to make forever families. Great organization - Williamson County Humane Society. If you are looking for a pet I highly recommend them. That is where we found Chewy and Junior. I also appreciate that they let middle schoolers volunteer there. It is a great experience for them, and the guidelines they have set up teaches great work ethics.


  1. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Finally I get to read this!! Thank you for the great compliments!!

  2. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Thank you for taking the time to recognize the works of this volunteer. To be quite honest, it is truly an inspriation to me and I am sure, many others. We all tend to get caught up in our own 'to do' lists, that we forget that reaching out and helping others is what we are called to do. I will share your blog with many others as I'm sure it will have the same positive effect on them. Cheers to you and to Mrs. Flesner!


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