Saturday, November 06, 2010

Way Too Much Excitement!

I have no idea where to start! I'm excited about so many things! First off, it's Saturday morning! Why am I excited about that? It's freakin' early as far as I'm concerned and I'm awake! Sleeping in on Saturday's is not an option in our house. The kids have 8am swim lessons - UGH! The best part about that is Nathan takes them to swim while I blog. It really is my quiet moment. If they are home while I blog I get so many interruptions that I actually feel compelled to go through the editing process on my post. Honestly I would rather do a stream of consciousness and hit post.
With this excitement in mind I was trying to think about what to blog today, and I got really excited about something. I get to plan a card making party for my mom and her artsy friends! They are all super talented and frequently paint together. I noticed that Operation Write Home had been short cards at one point and I wanted to find a way to help. Then I had a card making event with the kids at school. Well it was just too much fun that I had to do it again. Mom and her friends came to mind. They are all just super creative and most have some relationship to the military. My step-dad is retired Navy and part of several vets organizations here in town. So, mom agreed to have a card making party at her house. I get to design cards and get all the supplies ready and let them create! I love it! Now to think of designs. She specifically asked for masculine.
The other excitement is that one of the kitchen light fixtures died. I have hated those giant boxes on my ceiling forever! The exciting thing is now I get to pick out something new! just can't seem to pick a normal light fixture though. I think Nate and I might go to blows over this, otherwise there may be exposed wires for a while.
I'm also very excited to have a day of rest. Today has no obligations associated with it. I can putz around the house cleaning, crafting, etc. I have an almost finished quilt on the floor, and almost finished scrapbook pages in a box. I might even take the time to tear into A's desk and clean it because it's EVERYWHERE! Of to my obligations free day :)

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