Sunday, November 07, 2010

Race for the Cure 2010

Today was Race for the Cure so of course everything was PINK! A loved having everything pink. Her race shirt was a little large since kids sizes only came in one size. No problem! She put a ribbon around her waist as a belt and one at each shoulder to keep the sleeves up. This is the best shot I got of her outfit choices. Don't you love the pink leggings? Or even better - how she convinced her brother to carry her? He thought it would help build his strength for next weekends cheer competition.

As the race went on, A decided that she didn't need the belt or the ribbons on her sleeves. Up around Mom's pony tail they went.

Of course when I got home I decided that I couldn't waist such perfectly good ribbon. "Think, think, think." as Pooh would say. I thought and I thought until a thought did pop. Why not make a memorable hair clip as a memento of the day! There was way more ribbon there than I expected.

(I had to take this shot several times to get the clutter out of the back ground. I just need some time in my room to craft!)

After that beautiful bow was made I had plenty of ribbon left for another project. I think a card is in order ;) Maybe even an Operation Write Home card.

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