Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bonus Crafts

Runners have "bonus miles", but I am definitely not a runner. I am a crafter. Well, I wouldn't claim that really around some of the crafty people who's blogs I read. They are serious crafters. I make crafts at times. Now you're wondering how this relates to "bonus miles". As a crafter I apparently have the problem of "bonus crafts". When I make a hair bow for an occasion I might accidentally make more like 10. When I make a scrapbook page I make a few cards from what is left over. When I make a skirt, there's always a first attempt then I decide I want to change the patten a bit. Make a quilt, there's always bonus squares that would make something fun. Bubble wands... I have a few of those left too. Oh and little girl aprons, addictive to make. I think I even have adult ones left.

I keep a basket of these bonus crafts around in case I need a last minute gift. Well with Christmas coming up I thought I would share my basket of bonus crafts. Here's the deal. You are welcome to a bonus craft and all I ask in return is that you make a contribution to my son's little service project. Z is still raising money for a water well in a 3rd world country. He has about $700 raised so far. I won't tell you how much to donate, that's up to you. Let me know when you would like to look at the basket of goodies :) Just finished some great red and black bows that would look super cute with a Christmas dress.

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