Thursday, January 13, 2011


I needed to do a free write and I know it will come up with some AWESOME stuff! Lets just say this week at work has been one of those weeks where the district really got their monies worth. Tomorrow is Friday and I know it will be the best day ever. I just know it.
Monday night - at least I think it was Monday because I've had a headache most of the week and the week has been kind of a blur - I ordered an embroidery machine. It arrived Wednesday! It's beautiful and looks easy to use. It came with everything I needed except stabilizer so maybe this weekend I'll be able to sneak out for a minute to pick some up. As I was admiring the new toy on my desk I noticed that it had a giant cursive "E" on it with filigree around it. It's just affirmation that the machine was built for me! So new toy - AWESOME. The fact that I understood the directions enough to use it - even more AWESOME!
I totally forgot what else I was going to blog about! OH!I know! I have an AWESOME idea for our summer fun. Still formulating it, but know that I love jars - especially mason jars and if you have any to spare I would love them :)
We went tonight to pick up our little inventory of the infamous cookies - can't sell yet so don't ask but do ask on the 19th. Such a wonderful first though. All us moms lined up with our daughters picking up cases of sweet stuff. A big brother helping haul the cases to the mom's cars. So efficient.
Time to put the crazy kids to bed.

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