Sunday, January 09, 2011


I had to make an AWESOME post!
It has been forever FOREVER since I scrapped much less went to a real crop. Actually I had a bit of social anxiety about it. I didn't want to go where people would comment on how much or how little stuff I had. Or if it was the latest and greatest or my style of scrapping or how behind I was or any of those judgmental things that drive me nuts. Then there's the whole issue of scrapping pages, what size, album or not, cards, what ever. I just wanted to go to a crop where everyone did their stuff and said nice things.
I had heard about a little retreat center in Georgetown and thought about trying it out, but never acted on it. I liked it on Facebook but ever actually paid any attention to it. Over the break I decided to go to their web page and see what crops they had coming up. I thought about the one in March and signed up for the news letter. That day I got an e-mail from the owner saying there was an opening for the one in January and would I like a spot. Well... Ok. So I signed up for my first retreat with Lone Star Retreat Center. I just bit the bullet and signed up. I would just go and see how it is. If I don't like it or the people no harm no foul at least I got a little work done.
Now the drive to this retreat center from my house isn't bad at all, but if you're arriving late it is DARK! It's out in the country - sorda'. Not so far that several ladies couldn't go shopping while here, and they had to because Michael's was having a killer deal. I pull up and grab my essentials bag. As I'm walking up to the door I see a lady from work. Now I like this lady, and frequently think about how I don't have enough time to really get to know her in our day at work. So there's Brenda at my crop! After deciding that my scrap table is not conducive to socializing with anyone Brenda moves it so that I can sit with her and Beth. Another amazing woman.
That was just the start. Everyone was super nice and so real. No gossip crap. No cattiness. None of that girly stuff I hate. None of the stuck up scrapper stuff either. When I came home Friday to sleep Nate asked how it was and I said "They all bring the kitchen sink!". He laughed and said, "You've found your home." Yes I have!
Saturday Beth entertained me for a moment while I hit the high points of the square. Had to have some truffles from Sweet Serendipity. Popped into my favorite antique / junk store. Then around the block to the little coffee shop for organic sodas. It was just way too much fun.
After 3 ish days of scrapping I got 12 pages, 13 cards, and a mini-album made. I think those are the numbers. Had a bit of cedar fever impeding my thought process. Still is. Got the opportunity to clear out some scrappin' cobwebs. I think I'm actually down to one basket of old kits left! Couldn't be more excited about that.
Also - the group is having a charity crop on 2/19 so let me know if you want details. The charity is my school's backpack lunch program. When we're not in school such as weekends and holidays we send backpacks of food home with the kids who need it to kind of help out a little. I've seen the joy in those kids faces when they get the food. I've spoken to parents who are just so grateful for the help. It is such a blessing in our community.
Here's the picture of what I accomplished:

So several AWESOME'S!
1. Got that much done at the crop!
2. Met some amazing people!
3. Got to know Brenda better!
4. Found a new retreat center to crop at!
5. Got to visit the square!
6. Got to have Sweet Serendipty truffles :)
7. Organic soda's - yum!
8. Cleaned out stash!
9. I know there's more, but I have cedar fever brain and can't think clearly.
10. OH! Charity Crop for Cougar Cupboard in February!!!!!!!

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  1. looks like you had a great time....very nice

    thanks for stopping by farmhouse...and i am happy to follow as well

    kary and teddy


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