Monday, January 03, 2011


OK really - this stuff is AWESOME!! I can't believe that I have such a wonderful husband and a fantastic friend (not the same people though the descriptors apply to both). I'm apologizing now for any typo's because I'm typing blind - no contacts or glasses.

It was the first day back to school, but Nate had the day off. Not only did he come have lunch with me (and 2 students) he brought me Whataburger including the chocolate shake! Then he went to Ikea to find another desk for my classroom. I got home to find these beauties on the counter.

He remember that I posted about today being national drinking straw day and thought he would pick some up :) I managed to use a straw all day long. He also picked up new glasses because so many of ours have broken over the years.

After school he picked up the kids and took them to scouts so that I could go hang out and scrap with my friend Nanette. How fantastic is that!

That's the other AWESOME thing - my friend Nanette. She is such a bright spot in my day. We just sat and scraped no fuss. It was just very relaxing. We met at Archivers and I actually made it in with one trip! This is a huge thing for me because I'm known for bringing everything including the kitchen sink with me to scrap with. I got one layout done and was very happy with it. I then spent some time coordinating solids to some old kits to take on a crop with me this weekend. Also found a great cherry stamp that I had to have because it's National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day. Will have to make some Operation Write Home cards with it!
When I got home Nate was busy making Bento's for tomorrow. Even better! It was just such a great day that I'm relaxed and ready for bed. Usually I'm either so exhausted from the day that I crash completely or so wound up that I can't sleep. I'm neither - just at peace.

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