Sunday, January 02, 2011


I cannot believe that I have even more AWESOMENESS to report! I am not making this stuff up! I apologize for the lack of pictures today, but honestly there wasn't time. On-call is a strange little monster in our lives. It messes with everyone's sleep schedule despite how quiet Nate tries to be. OK it only messes with his sleep schedule and then while we're being patient we either forget to go to bed or have an extremely casual morning. Today was the latter. We were in PJ's until about 10! Oh well - last day of the holiday back to school tomorrow.
That leads me to the first AWESOMENESS! Nate and the kids enjoyed some sunshine today while I went up to school and did a a few chores. Despite having the beggesers scared out of my by the Superintendent while I was there it was an extremely productive 4 hours. Now when my students walk in in the morning their materials are all laid out for them ready to start the new semester. My copies had even arrived over the holiday! Now that is AWESOME because I really could use them for first thing in the morning. Actually I already put them in use. Some of them are data collection forms that I wanted to try with the new semester. I am so excited to be prepared for the new day!
So if that wasn't enough AWESOMENESS (4 hours uninterrupted time in my classroom). I came home to wonderful smells of a FANTASTIC dinner being made - and a quiet house. The kids were outside playing. Nate was making risotto, apple something or ruther, glazed carrots, and steak (those little round ones with the bacon around them). Oh it was fantastic! I have the most AWESOME husband ever! While he was cooking Z and I worked on more scarves which is FANTASTIC!
Have a great first day back to school everyone!

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