Sunday, January 02, 2011


OK I thought I would only have 2 AWESOME's a week, but so far the new year has just been AWESOME!!!

Yesterday we went to lunch at Taco Real. There are so many Mexican food places around that we really could eat Mexican every day and have something different every day, but we chose Taco Real. It's all about the queso. Honestly they have AWESOME queso! First off, it's not Velveeta. I do not like Velveeta. Second off, it has flavor - good flavor. It's the only queso we can all agree on eating. It helps that the restaurant is kind of this hybrid between fast food and sit down. Yes you have to wait for your food but only a few minutes - long enough for a pager. It's perfect for kids and those of us who can't sit for long periods of time. Besides the queso we had the best company at Taco Real. My mom and stepdad decided to join us. It was so nice visiting with them despite the extremely loud football game on the big screen. It is Texas you know, and football is everything.

I have to share with you this AWESOME leotard and tutu I made yesterday. I had this order for several weeks and just was not sure how I was going to do it. I don't have an embroidery machine so I have to do all my applique by hand which can be quite tedious when doing a snow flake. They just have all these little cut outs. Then I decided I had to use metallic thread because it will glisten like snow. That stuff is persnickety! The original order was for an attached tutu, but I just couldn't do it. I had to put ribbon on this one because it was so darn cute. It was the expensive tulle that made it. It's white and iridescent. Even Nate said that this was an AWESOME set. I cut out another snow flake to applique on something, but this was a lot of work so I might not do that. I have some Valentines orders coming up too. I love making tutu's! (BTW - I have one blue tutu no leotard available. It's toddler size. Message me if you want it.)

I told you yesterday that my son is having a scarf booth to raise money for a third world country. Some good things have been happening with that which is totally AWESOME! Some friends who hand craft items have offered to donate items for the booth. AWESOME! Then another friend is part of the Chamber of Commerce and has offered to e-mail her distribution list about the booth. This totally rocks because we need people to come to the booth! She owns a company called Goody Two Shoes. What a fun name! They coordinate festivals. Another cool thing is that my friend has an etsy shop, Three Little Butterflies, and has decided to donate 10% of her sales this month to Z's little project. He calls it Well Wishes, how cool is that! So Charu with Three Little Butterflies is AWESOME! Too much AWESOMENESS not to share!

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