Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Just Total AWESOMENESS!!!!!

Ok I know I've been blog negligent lately, but this one is good!

Some of you know about the dreaded "February Conference". It's a 5 day weekend for our students, but 3 of those days us teachers get to sit in chairs for extended periods of time to learn new stuff to teach our students better. Parents complain that they have to make arrangements for their students to be home those extra days. Teachers complain about loosing the instructional time, but I think it's really more about the buttitis. We just don't know how to sit that long!

Any way...  went to one session that inspired me to take action. We were talking about helping parents being part of the educational team for their student. One of the suggestions was to have a Parent Resource Center on campus. This would be a place to store books that parents can use or access to a computer things like that. We got to talking about having activities that parents could check out to help reinforce the skills taught at school. It would be AWESOME! It got me to thinking about how to make this very accessible to parents. I would love those resources to get to the parents! Well I thought about where I've seen parents from my school and I've seen them at the public library. How cool would it be if we had resources at the public library?! So I called the head librarian at Leander Public Library and she said they would love to offer that service! It would be a partnership between schools and the library to help parents! It might take some great networking, but it's a goal. The first step is taken and I can't wait to see where it grows!

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