Wednesday, March 02, 2011

OMGosh!!!! I'm so behind!

I feel horrible that I haven't blogged in so long! Besides the whole school thing..... I've been trying to wrap up some long term commitments. We had our first cookie sale season. I had no idea what those Girl Scout Mom's do! Cookie sales is a major undertaking for any household!

It starts out all nice and friendly.....
Then there's the deliveries at all hours of the day (and night at times)....

Then it's been going on so much that we need a little friend support (the girls have their arms around each other as they wait for someone to answer the door)
Then we're so delirious that we just keep selling...

Then there's the cheer competitions! Z's team ended the season with a 1st place win! Way to go Mini Blacks!
And little sassy pants..... Valentines hat that she still hasn't worn since the picture.
And the Valentines Tutu's I made for a couple special little girls :)

A's Valentines outfit I made. Hair band, appliques shirt, and paper bag skirt. This is also where she fell in love with knee socks. I contemplated putting ribbons on them but decided that was over the top. She insisted that her picture be taken with the cookie sign. I think she still dreams of cookie sales.

Cougar Cupboard Charity Crop! This was the first bit of food donated to Cougar Cupboard. This table was over flowing by the end of the day! So blessed to have such a wonderful network of friends! And how amazing of Karmin with Lone Star Retreat Center to let us use her space for this event! Such a great hostess!

This is my awesome friend Brenda sporting a fabulous cougar necklace made by one of the students at school. The proceeds from the sale of the necklaces paid for their DI project.

 It's been a busy month, but I'm looking forward to Spring - especially Spring Break! Just wanted to share the bits of AWESOME in my life. I know there were more....


  1. Hey Ellen,

    Tell me if you are still looking for passes for your Powder Puff Derby. I would totally make some for you and your girls. I had a girl scout long before I had a cub scout :0) Wait, I was a girl scout! Yeah, I sooo can make the passes.

    The Sew*er, The Caker, The CopyCat Maker

  2. The Cougar Crop was awesome, wasn't it? Thanks for sharing and wished we had more time to chat! Next time definitely!


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