Monday, March 28, 2011

The Quest for QUEST - continues

When A woke up this morning she did her daily routine. She had obviously thought about her disappointment with QUEST because she very matter of factly stated that we would need to schedule a meeting with the principal to discuss the QUEST class because she should be in there. We reminded her that we already sent in a request for probationary placement.
The school day passed with no phone calls. Finally at about 5pm the head of QUEST sends us an e-mail rejecting our request and suggesting further testing in a few months.
I'm not sure where the communication error is. There is a reason I want a phone call and not a long list of e-mails. It's called communication. I am not comfortable discussing this on e-mail. I want to talk to someone and ask real time questions. No more of this jargon that only QUEST teachers understand. Tell me in plain English what to tell a 5yo who knows where she should be placed and will advocate until she gets it or gets a reasonable answer. If you can tell me where she would fail in the QUEST environment, with data and certainty, then we have a reason to back your side. Until then you are fighting a loosing battle.
It's just rude to ignore 2 parent requests for a phone call. Mama bear is about to come out just because they are not communicating with me.

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