Sunday, April 17, 2011

Caught in a Waffle Moment

Today I was actually caught in a waffle moment. If you don't know what a waffle moment is you need to see Chad Eastman's video on it. I know this is only an excerpt, but it gets the point across.
See the kids were at their grandparents for a sleep over. Worked out well because we had a photo shoot Saturday night. Nate has been on call, and though it hasn't been the worst on call it hasn't been the best either. We both decided that today was a catch up on sleep day. While he was working I was sitting in bed watching TV and putzing. Actually I was making some journal entries that had been in my head for a bit and needed logged in. While doing that I took a break watched some TV, did nothing.
Nate came in the room and asked what I was doing.
"Oh. Working on your journal?"
"Well you have it opened and on your lap. Thinking about what to write?"
"Nope. I'm really doing nothing. I'm thinking about nothing and doing nothing. I just thought I would give it a try."
"Ok then.... Enjoy your nothing."
It was fun doing nothing.... absolutely nothing. Better not abuse the sensation. Back to my busy self :)

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