Saturday, May 28, 2011

Show Me Your Stuff

Today was a GREAT day! I got to have an impromptu scrap day at Archivers with my Friend Erica! She posted, I went. I love social media for this reason. Immediate gratification on social activities! I find Archivers entertaining wen I scrap there, and today was no exception.
It as a rather busy crop day. Thank goodness Erica had found us a spot to set up because they were getting few and far between. I checked in at the counter, "Can I sign in to crop?". Shocked by the reply - a discourteous worker who seemed perturbed that I was there much less spending money. Her counter parts weren't much better. The manager was gossiping at the front door with a lady blocking a full door width as she leaned on the handle. As if people weren't trying to enter and exit the building... multiple times as they brought in bulky bags full of scrap stuff they purchased at that same store. No worries because I'm not there to socialize with them, though a "Hello" or even a scripted "Welcome to Archivers" would have been nice.
As I tried to figure out my card design I was entertained by so many crazy social situations going on around me. The first was when this older woman was wandering around the scrap room looking at everyone's stuff. Finally she stopped at me and asked if I knew anyone that would make her scrapbooks for her. As I was getting ready to tell her I was certain someone there did, but it wasn't me she walked off saying something about asking at the counter. About a minute later the rude clerk stuck her head in and asked if anyone scrapped for hire. Of course there were two ladies there and everyone knew who they were. The older lady went over and spoke to both ladies. The entertaining part came when the two ladies compared notes from the conversations. They were weirded out by the experience, and said that they were highly uncomfortable bidding for a scrap job with so many scrappers around. Then the conversation turned to pricing structure and I had to tune out. No one cares why you feel justified charging what you do per page.
A while later another table was scrapping right along only to have one receive a text. It was a fourth lady - a mutual friend asking if they wanted to meet up at Archivers to scrap. Apparently these tree ladies did not want the fourth there. It was so interesting watching them trying to figure out how to respond. I wonder what was wrong with the woman. Did she have a enormous wart on the tip of her nose? or a hump like the Hunch Back of Notre dame? Maybe she picks her nose? What could be so appalling that you can't share table space with her for a couple hours? Wait! I know! She suffers from Scrapstasher's Disease! It's the worst disease known to woman kind! It's one of those things that you think you've got in control until it's so repulsive that no one wants to be near you! It starts with a little bucket of stuff that you think you'll use soon, but when a few months pass and the newness of the shiny objects pass you forget about them. You say "I'm just going to swing through the paper isle real quick" and real quick turns into an hour. You go to crops and have to make 5 trips to the car because you have to have the latest and greatest, but you also have t have the old stuff on hand "Just in Case". You know that Scrapstaher's has gotten really bad when your 7yo knows all the isles in the craft store and has to ask for your shopping list before you go in so that he can steer you away from the scrap isles. It's at it's worst when the show Hoarders comes by and everything they pull out is archival safe. The only cure is to go cold turkey - give up crafting all together and loose that certain shimmer. All the color fades out of your skin and the glimmer in your hair shakes free. The glitter in your eye washes away, and you know you've been cured of Scrapstaher's Disease. Lord help me if that ever happens because I might have lost my soul!
When we got back from lunch it was such a relief! We walked in the store and Tina says, "Hi!" It's my favorite Archivers employee. I've even written to corporate about how wonderful she is. She would be the reason I go back. We get started scrapping, but notice a lady on the sidelines looking for a seat. We notice she has two peoples stuff with her and we're the only table with room for two more people. Erica and I politely adjust our stuff to fit within reasonable limits (OK defined boundaries). No worries, we can share. About the time we get it fixed Tina comes in and asks if we can move to another table, she feels real bad about it. Apparently these ladies are here for the crop that starts at 5pm and have reserved that table. It's only 2pm. We move. Really no big deal other than packing everything up and moving. Several other ladies make comment about how they wouldn't have moved and that we were just too nice. The same thing happens in middle school cafeteria's and in church. God forbid you sit in someone else's seat! It must be form fitted. The thing Erica and I take note of is that the ladies drop off all their stuff (4 peoples stuff), then we don't see them - for over an hour! Only one has any cropping going on by the time we leave at 4. I find that rude. Drop your stuff off 3 hours before your designated time and leave?!?! I'm sure they were "shopping" around the store... or out to eat... or at another store. I would have to drop my stuff off at 8am to "save my seat". I'm sure Archivers would like that. The only issue really was that I was doing a fussy card and had everything laid out just perfectly. I had to pack it all up, move, and try to re-lay it all out. I was in the middle of an inky mess too.
I LOVE inky fingers!!! That's how I know I've had a great scrap day! This card has ink everywhere! And marker, and map pencil, and Smooches. I LOVE this card! I'm almost ready to reveal the card that took me over a week to design from start to finish. I bought the materials for last weeks crop, didn't get to it, and today spent 1.5 hours playing with the parts to make it perfect! I'm going to show you this card, but you have to promise to read on - there's a surprise! Ready?!?!?

The colors are a bit washed out, but you get the idea. This card is totally literary inspired. I saw that little fairy stamp and immediately thought of "A Midsummer's Nights Dream". I had to do a card about that book. I even bought a copy of the book to tare up and use in the card. I make multiples when I make cards and as I'm making the other ones I keep stumbling upon memorable quotes that just bring smiles to my face! So.... Surprise time...
1 - Create a card based off your favorite piece of literature. Yes - Dr. Suess counts as literature :)
2 - Lift this card. Show me your take on this card. Erica's already threatened to do it, and didn't someone say lifting is the greatest form of flattery?
Show me your card (s) and I'll enter you in a drawing for a fantastic prize! Yes you can enter multiple times, but they have to be unique cards - not the same one 20 times.
Happy Scrapping!

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