Saturday, June 04, 2011

YEAH!!! Drawing Day!!!

OK technically I'm 7 hours late for the drawing, but I did it! My first give away for the gorgeous album "Beautiful"....

And the winner is....... (do you hear the drum roll?)

SANDRA!!!!!!!! I used a highly technical method of drawing. I had an empty tissues box, put everyone's name on a piece of paper, shook it up and drew! I'll be putting that little gem in the mail on Monday. More games and drawings to come! It's the summer of "GET YOUR CRAFT ON!!!"

OK - important stuff here - Who's playing in the Round Robin Image Exchange? I am so excited to announce that we have 10 players!

1. Me :)
2. Susan L.
3. Sandra T.
4. Samantha Q.
5. Brenda S.
6. Tina N.
7. Leslie S.
8. Frances L.
9. Faye B.
10. Kirsten S.

If you could - please post a comment when you get the package so we know how far it's made it. If you're a blogger it would be fun to have you post a link to your blog. Happy Stamping!!!!!!


  1. I got the album... it's beautiful. I am so excited I won!

  2. Sandra - I am so glad you like it! Getting the Round Robin package out in tomorrows mail!!! Exciting!


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