Monday, June 06, 2011

Craft Hope: Project 12

Right at the end of the year I challenged the kids at school to make bracelets for an organization called Orphan Outreach. The idea came from Craft Hope, a community of crafters who do all sorts of service projects. I was nervous at first on how this would turn out because apparently some of us are just completely inept at making friendship bracelets. Hot mess doesn't even begin to describe it. Even the high school helped out! There were over 300 bracelets in all. I am so proud of my students!! One girl brought me a handful of bracelets while I was on duty. There I was carrying a pile of friendship bracelets for 30 minutes as I paced the cafeteria. It was a fun and exciting moment.
These are the ones the high school made.

These are the ones the middle schoolers made.

This is my daughter who just had to get in on the action :)

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