Monday, July 04, 2011

Book Review - Big Appetite

My computer tells me that I forgot to post this...
Last summer we went to Georgia for Nate's family's reunion. We stayed in cabins at Cloudland Canyon State Park. It was a great vacation. Lots of hiking, birds, bugs, itty bitty waterfalls (non-existent because of the droughts). We took little sight seeing trips to some of the near by attractions. We don't suggest the farmers market, but do suggest Chickamauga Battlefield. Fantastic experience. Bring a cell phone to get the audio tour. It was amazing to see how close to each other the two sides were as they battled. It was also amazing to hear how the site became what it is today. Basically several years after the war all the survivors got together there with their families for a picnic. Each battalion brought a statue to put in place recognizing those who lost their lives there. The statues are placed where the battalions were located during the war. I digress... One of the other field trips we thought we would take - just to do really - was to the home of the Moon Pie. Who doesn't love a good Moon Pie. It was really a disappointing visit because all it was was a book store with a little general store inside it that had every flavor of Moon Pie. I thought the kids might pick up a book while we were there, but none from the little selection interested them. I on the other hand found 2 books that I thought would interest me. One I immediately lent to my mother-in-law, and she reports that it was great. Guess I'll have to read that one next. The other was a book called Big Appetite by Sam McLeod. I know I've blogged about it before, but I figured since I've actually finished it I should do a proper review.

I think the best description is comfort food. It's just a collection of stories about this guys life, but it was comfortable and familiar. It had good cadence with a splash of spice. There were parts to laugh at and parts to make you think about your own life journey. Think of the times you've sat next to Grandpa or Great Uncle Plemon while they told stories about back when. If you're like me and enjoy hearing the tales this is the right book for you. It was like I sat on the porch rocking in an old wooden rocker, sippin' on sweet tea, listening to tales that for the most part are true. Ok maybe they're not but who's going to argue with an old guy. I do want to share a little excerpt with you.
"My ample middle didn't seem to demolish anybody's affection for me. If anything, folks seemed to take some pleasure in the fact that I'm fed. And come to think of it, their wrinkles, walkers, graying hair, and flabby upper arms didn't diminish my affection for them, either."
Don't you just feel the love there. It's about relationships, connections, and that love that's based on contentment. Comfort food.

On another note - Today is my boy's 9th birthday. He's super excited! He says he can't wait to be 10. He is very aware that he has a whole year to wait for that. I can wait because it's double digits and I'm not sure I can handle that. He's planning a fantastic boys birthday again this year. Last year was model rockets. That was fun! This year they are making marshmallow guns and camping in the back yard. He's even asked Angel's Bakery to make him a cake that looks like a sushi tray. Yes - this party is all about him. My daughter's birthday was 2 weeks ago and they had a princess camping party. I know, strange parties, but that's what you get when you take the parents out of the equation and let the kids plan the party.

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