Monday, July 04, 2011


Last week in Girl Scout's we went to see the Congress Avenue bats! Of course there was some batty fun that needed to happen. We started at our usual meeting location to make bat masks, but the girls were way to excited to do anything at our location. They immediately jumped in the cars and waited for the adults to drive off.
It was Girl Scout day at Bush's Chicken, so of course we stopped for a bite. I kept thinking "We must be nuts for taking 7 little girls out to eat." But they did fantastic. They really made us proud.
We made it down to the bridge, puled out our picnic blanket, read a chapter from our Journey book, and did a few coloring activities. They coloring pages and such came from the Bat Conservation web site. (hint - print on card stock so that you have stiff papers and don't need clip boards) The girls sat and colored for a long time while talking about the bats. They really knew a lot of cool bat facts. Another little girl came ad colored with us. It was nice to share. I had kettle corn at the ready for a little mid-evening snack. It was sweet and not messy at all. We also had our troop water bottles filled and ready. Some had made holders the week before at our regular meeting. Love this idea btw - they took tube socks, cut a slit in them most of the way down and tied a knot in the top. They colored them with markers (fabric makers this time, but we've used sharpies before). They hold the water bottle and keep the condensation contained. We did learn that they do not hold back gushing water when the bottle cracks open. Way fun!
Things learned... these girls can do anything. Even going downtown for a field trip. It was Awesome!
The lady from the Bat Conservation group stopped by to tell us about the bats. She was impressed that we had their coloring pages.

Where's the bats?!?!

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