Sunday, June 12, 2011

Play Review: Sex Sin and the CIA

There's this little community theater that occasionally has an actress we love. When she's in the play we have to go, she's just that good! But this post is not about her, rather it's about a play she's in.
Way Off Broadway is presenting Sex, Sin, and the CIA right now. To say the play is funny is an understatement! The cast does a fantastic job of creating a world of espionage and humor. One way that I can tell a good play is to sit in the back. If I'm distracted by the usual audience stuff, those little noises people make or the person who can't hold their bladder until an intermission, then it's not a good play. We sat in the back with two of our really good friends who happened to be at opening night as well. I was not distracted once by the lady who couldn't make it to her seat without tripping. I was not distracted by the two kids on the front row who kept raising their hands for no reason. I was engrossed in the play.
The cast was appropriately picked for their roles. People who knew them kept commenting on how the characters were not far off from their real life persona. I can only speak to the character Milicent. Milicent was played by one of my dearest friends, Kirsten Schulte. Milicent starts out as prudish young girl who's life experiences have been directed by her employer, the Reverend Samuel Abernathy (played by James Lee Burke). It is obvious that the Reverend has not led such a life of abstinence as he's training Milicent to live, but he seems to really care about her well being. Watching Milicent learn womanly ways and come into her own is just down right, floor stomping funny! The hard part for me was separating where Milicent started from where Kirsten ended! Some of the mannerisms were just so her!
Then there's the whole CIA issue going on. We all ave had those co-workers who do everything wrong, but still manage to come out alright. This CIA agent, Luke James (played by Ed Trujillo), needed a rubber suit for protection! His antics fell into, "If it can go wrong, it will go wrong." Poor guys spends part of the play in a bucket!
Of course there's the seductress, I mean State Department Margaret Johnson (played by Tracy Cathy). She was fantastic in her facial expressions to look truly sexually aggressive with the "hunky monkey" (I think that's one of my favorite lines) the Retired United States Marine Corp Officer Daniel Warren (played by Gary Dean Hamilton). His responses were priceless, wavering between leading her on and turning her away. Just the right balance for the story.
The neighbor lady, Heather Ann Faraday (played by Cynthia Carrier), who's power goes off, but they never quite make it to her cabin to check it out. Of course she comes running for help with lingerie in her bag - who doesn't? What if you run into a hunky monkey?
I will say that the park ranger, Ranger Don (played by Melinda Szabo) creeped me out for a good portion of the play, and made  me wonder if he was the bad guy. Of course by the end of the play everything gets tidied up in a nice pretty package. I highly suggest going to see this highly entertaining play.
I got a little behind in writing this post. My mom and step-dad went to see it last weekend and LOVED it! Let me say, we all have different ideas of funny. So glad they liked it, and found it. For those of you who have been to see Way Off Broadway at their Crystal Falls location, know that they have moved to a much larger space on 2243. It was so nice to have a little leg room in the new theater.

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