Monday, May 28, 2012

Date Night Without The Fuss

I know, bad photo taken from a car window, but it was needed. See the part of the sign that says "1/2 Price Shakes"? That's the important part of the story. Now, where to start. The meat of the story or actually at the beginning.

I'll start at the beginning. Why not. A friend gave me a $5 gift card to Sonic. My thoughts were not of thanks as they should have been, but of "Really - $5?! Not worth the effort." That gift card sat for a bit because I wasn't thinking of it just right. I guess it needed to come with directions for my slow brain. All I could think of was that I am a family of 4 and that $5 does not go far.

Our household is pretty busy. Evenings are frequently consumed with activities right up until bed time. Most nights Nathan and I go to bed exhausted after driving the kids around to their events and trying to man the household. The idiom, "No rest for the weary" frequently applies. One night we get the kids to bed and Nate says, "Thinking about heading to Sonic. Want something?" We had already eaten dinner so I knew it wasn't for a burger. Why yes, I think I will. Kids are fast asleep when he gets back with my milk shake and his Sonic Blast. There we sit in bed, watching an episode of something we've DVRed and are weeks (possibly a whole season) behind on. And that's how "Date Night" was created.

We love these date nights because they are no fuss. No coordinating for child care, no major expenses, no can we do what we want to before we ave to pick the kids up. Just one sneaks out while the other mans the fort.

My cousin just posted about how he thought when he was a kid that his parents were up late at night watching TV and eating junk food while he had to go to bed. In this house it may be true. When you see that a friend needs a little break, grab one of these gift cards put it in a card with directions for date night and let hem enjoy. It really is fun! BTW - Half price shakes after 8pm.

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