Monday, May 28, 2012

Bridging to Brownies - New Vest New Patches

There have been all sorts of new things with the Amazing Daisy's bridging to Brownies (still haven't found an alliteration I like yet. It will come in time). One of the most pertinent things is the new vest. Of course there are no measurements for this process so I thought I would list the directions as I have done them. This is with knowing that there will be additional patches added to various spots later and that I will need to leave a gap for them.

Start with a blank Brownie vest. Using only the right front panel today (and that would be the right to the wearer). Put it on the ironing board so that the shoulder is supported by the curve of the board.

You will then iron on the Flag patch placing it pretty high on the fabric. It will be the first patch in a string of patches and should be at a place of honor right at the shoulder.

 Directly below the flag patch will be the Council Insignia patches. There should be just enough fabric for them at this point in the vest (the vest widens a bit there). Iron them down.

Here comes the tricky part. There will be another patch later that goes below the Council Insignia that we have to leave room for. Knowing this we need to find a way to leave space but still place our troop numbers. I used the packaging from the Council Insignia as a measuring device. I placed the corner of the package just below the shield in the Council Insignia Patch and the opposite corner at the middle top of our center number - for us that would be a 0. Place your numbers in alignment with that center umber and iron them down.

You should have the right sized gap for that later patch and all your new patches ironed in place for the final step. Sew them all down. After 2 years of the Daisy vest the most important thing to know is to not trust the iron on to stay ironed on. Stitch every patch down. Then you will have all your pretty vests all laid out ready for bridging.

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