Sunday, June 03, 2012

I Can Sleep When It's Summer Vacation

My son accused me of not being able to sleep in. I decided to prove him wrong. I even stayed up really late to help the sleeping in. Here it is day 2 of summer vacation and my sleep in situation looks like this.
4:30 am - Eyes open feel refreshed and ready for the day. Look at the clock and think "NO WAY!!! Must go back to sleep! This is even earlier than I wake up for school!"
5:30 am - Eyes open - again. But I've been through this trick before. Look at the clock and think "WOW! I actually got another hour in. Usually I wake up 30 minutes later. Got'ta prove to that boy I can sleep in."
6:30 am - Eyes open - yes again. "I can do better than this, but when I start my walking routine this waking up early thing is definitely going to come n handy."
7:30 am - Eyes open. That's it. I give up! Time to get out of bed and do my usual morning routine.
Check Facebook to see if anyone stayed up later than me. Check Pinterest because I might have to craft something from it today. Read my blogs, and post to Pintrest if needed. Great no one is awake yet! Check email. Try to find other quiet things to do so I don't wake the whole house up.
8:00 am - Dang I wish they would get up so that I can do some stuff. What else can I do on the computer. Maybe I'll just go take a shower and cross my fingers that it doesn't wake anyone up.
8:30 am - I hear the TV. Kids are up. Nate sleeps too much. Lets make some noise. Putz around getting ready.
9:00 am - Nate's awake. Coffee grinder going, kitchen noise. Ahhh... We can finally start our day. Don't forget to tell the kids to shower.

Z may be right. I may not be able to sleep in. Remind me to turn my alarm off.


  1. OMG---I thought I was the only one! I actually wanted to sleep-in today, but I had to take C to camp.

    1. I tried to today, but had to help get the kids to camp. Maybe some day... Tomorrow I might go for my walk ;)


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