Monday, June 25, 2007


A friend once told me to get rid of all the boxes because they were blocking my energy. With this advice in mind I have been diligently working on emptying boxes through out the house and throwing things out! She was so right about the energy! I feel so much better knowing that this stuff is going somewhere it will get used or in the trash where it belongs in the first place.

I've also been getting rid of old craft projects I planned to do. No more hoarding for me! I've hoarded fabric, ribbon, ink, paper, anything that caught my interest for far to long! Either I do the project right then or not.

I think it's sending the household in shock to see the surface of some of the floor. My plans for the library are coming along. I'm actually almost to a point that I can paint my office. It's amazing.

We will all have to retrain ourselves not to leave little piles everywhere. This is harder than it looks, but I have faith that once we all feel the relief it will be worth the efforts.

So as you're going through your busy summer - give yourself more energy and de-clutter! It makes the views much better.

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