Thursday, April 17, 2008

Biggest Fit!

Z is pitching the biggst fit known to man right now, and I'm letting him. We run a pretty tight ship behaviorally, but lately it's just been getting a little cattywhampus. It's almost summer, everyone has things going on. Just that time of year to be nuts.

So here's the fight. I told Z he could choose to do his homework, or go to bed. Not really up for the constant fight he likes to do over homework. You would think homework is new to him, but we've been doing it all year in some fashion. We just have to go through these spells occassionally and tonight is one of them.

We have a rule in our house hold that you should only be given a direction once. Lately it's taken over 3 chances for him to respond to me. Not up for this game. Not really a yeller or anything like that so we're just taking steps a little slow. Yesterday I stood in the path of the tricycle that he was on to get him to stop. He actually thought I would move.

We're at about 10 minutes of him screaming and he wants to work on his homework. Gotta' go try again. I'll let you know how it goes.

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