Wednesday, June 04, 2008

"Must be a sign!"

Tat's what my friend Carrie said this morning as we stood in the parking lot at GSLC. We were having a lovely chat about stressors being resolved when I felt something at my shoe. I had barely glimpsed something pass beside me a moment before so of course I thought the worst - droppings. I looked down to see something amazing! I had to look up to confirm what I saw. Above my head was what appeared to be a hawk - OK that's reasonable. There on the ground was an almost perfectly symetrical mass. Upon inspection it looked to be a wad of hair. Carrie was totally grossed out, but I thought it was too cool! A hawk pellet just fell from the sky - at my feet! What Carrie doesn't know is that I of course went into the school, got a plastic baggie and collected the sample.

In the car on the way to Z's school I had to explain to him what it was. OK so I used it as a teachable moment filling in gaps in knowledge where I had to, but it was so worth it. Z was curious wha smelled in the car. I told him that hawk puke does smell - sorry.

At my school I had to show a few teacher friends. I knew there had to be a teacher wanting to disect it. The kids were amazed, grossed out, lovin the find. Guess what - it was a language arts teacher that wanted the pellet. I clipped it to her board for show and tell. Wonder what she will find in it.

So if Carrie says it's a sign, is it good or bad? Let me know what you think and why.

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