Sunday, November 16, 2008

"I will survive!"

That was such an appropriate song for last nights reception. If you have ever been part of a wedding you know that to be totally true! Especially when it's done on the gracious gifts of free talent and labor of your friends. At the end of the night we all thought - "Wow! We made it without killing anyone! How!?!?!"

BFF, Misty, came to the wedding and we had so much fun dancing - and not necessarily lipsyncing, more full out belting out the tunes in bad repoduction. Yes it was a dry wedding, but who did we know there? Z made his attempts at break dancing - he's almost got that spin thing down. Chrysta busted out a move or two - we caught that on film. One group thought for sure I was going to fall right out of my dress with how much dancing I was doing - I knew exactly how far I had to go and there was no concern from me. I also test drove the dress fror dancing factor when I ordered it to make sure it didn't happen at all.

Charu and Sean had beautiful cakes custom made by her friend Nina. BTW - if you ever need a cake and live in the Austin area these were by far the best cakes I've had in a long time. Even compared to Round Rock's Fantasy Cakes who is no longer open. Nina also took care of the decorations and flowers. I think her talents are grossly wasted working at her local Michaels. She really needs to go in the wedding industry for either cakes or flowers or both. Real talent there.

Then to spice up the night Seans friend flew down from Pennsylvania to be the DJ. Has a great techno flair that he reighned in to help even out the age spread. Would have really loved to hear what he could do.

Sean's sister did an interperative dance for the wedding - beautiful. You would have had to been there. Later that night she led a small group in Thriller. On;y a couple weeks short and she could have been here for the record Thriller dance that the city did. DH said they came to his office to teach it so that the office would partcipate - he copped out.

DH provided the photography and I can't wait to see the pics, but have to because he's in the middle of something else. Another friend videoed the wedding in Super 8 to give the classic look to it and is converting to DVD for them. Excitement there.

Z and A were ring bearer and flower girl. They were soooooo cute! Can't wait to share pics! I had my make-up and hair done by a couple of totally fab ladies from Toni and Guy in Lakeway. Jess made my face look like a supermodel - and it stayed the whole night! Courtney is just a wiz with hair!!!! My do was unstopable! Now they did this with almost no notice - I came in and they were able to squeeze me in an hour later. Then to top it off - I got to the wedding site and the bride saw my hair. Off we were calling to see if they could quick squeeze her in. They did, and Charu's curls were still there at 10pm when they headed out for a night on 6th street.

So the wedding was at Bee Creek United Methodist Church. Beautiful sceenery! Drive forever to get there, but so worth the drive. THe pastor gave a brief little message about the views from the sanctuary and connecting it to the unity of the couple as a sanctuary for God's light to shine from, and the living water... oh it was beautiful! If you are having a small wedding this is totally the place to have it!

So DH's activities and why I can't post any pics. DH has been totally taking up my bandwidth with a small project. DH took all the fall pictures for the kids at the ECC. He took over 1500 pictures and has wittled them down a bit (just over 500). He's in the process of uploading so that parents can order pictures of their darling children. A portion of the profits will be given back to the ECC as a fundraiser. I told one of the teachers that it was like hearding rats - the kids scamper everywhere! Some cooperated - other did not, but that number is in the single digits. It really was fun to do. We know a lot of the kids and it was fun to see them in their Sunday Best smiling to make beautiful pictures for their parents. DH is having way too much fun with this photography thing! A few more bookings and he'll about have his system down I think. Of course I have to throw a few kinks in his plans - I love staging and props!

Back to work in the morning, but the Thanksgiving holiday is almost here and I can't wait!


  1. Sounds like you had a blast.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful wedding..can't wait to see the pics.


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