Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wedding Day

Today is the big day. Charu and Sean are getting married. For us married folk it's a time to remember our special day, the star crossed lovers thing all that mushy stuff. As soon as you do though you start to remember everything that's happened since then. For Nate and I that's just over 11 years - a lot of stuff has happened. We have 2 beautiful children. We live in a beautiful home. We've had pets enter our lives and leave our lives. We've had job changes, career changes. It's just life, growing together as a family.
Another thing that happens when friends get married is that all the other married couples want to give advice. Funny thing is this - they are so in love and it's so new that the advice just seems to fall on deaf ears. We tell them things like "Never go to bed mad", "treat each other with respect", "grow together". I've listened to ladies give Charu advice. I've seen the lok on her face, and I know that we all have to learn tihis stuff for ourselves.
So what advice would I give? Keep the focus of your marraige where it was intended - with God. Be together in God. He was there when you both were created. He knew who he had picked out for you only to help you. He knew you would be together, and wants nothing but the best for you. He does allow you to make your own choices, and knows that you will occassionally stray from the path He has created for you, but is willing to help you get right back on. So guess what I would say, "Never go to bed mad", "treat eachother with respect", "grow together". God gave you a precious gift in a spouse. He entrusted someones life and soul to you. That you would be an instrument to help nurture and protect that person. I pray today that the light of the Lord unite in the hearts of this married couple and that they may continue to do the work of God together.

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