Monday, January 19, 2009

I was fixin' to say

I hopped on here to blog something and it toaly fell out of my head, so I thought I would write for a bit and see what comes to the surface. I guess it's a little like what I'm teaching this week in our campus mandated flex time. Don't get me wrong. I love the oportunityt to provide some targeted instruction to my handful of students. We actually take a few moments of the school day to go back and hit some of those basic skills that just got lost in the shuffle. As for the flex time in general - against it. For many reasons, but while it's there I'm going to utilize it for the purpose my students need and keeps me in the game of designing and implementing lessons.
So what am I teaching this week? Well 7th grade gets to take TAKS writing. The fun part of that is that they are afraid of writing. They get the most bouts of writers block than I've ever seen. It's crazy! Basically we're addressing writers block tackling it head on and then writing a fun little paper about the Northern Lights. I will have to say I got the story idea from a home schooling web site (where I get a lot of great inspiration), but I don't feel right citing the sight since none of the links for the resources work any more. The lesson was designed in 2002. I have had to completely redesign the lesson. I'm so excited about it!
Well can't remember what all I wanted to say so I'm signing off for a bit.

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