Saturday, February 07, 2009

A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That

Well I did it. I registered to take my math and GT certification tests. April 4th I'll be up to my eyeballs testing and then celebrating that evening. My fellow teachers feel that I'll be able to ace the tests no problems. That gives me great confidence from people I admire the most. I'll still be studying in the mean time. I know I've taught the content for 3 years, but now someones testing me on it. At least they provide calculators. I've been teaching calculator free all these years. I might actually forget to use it!
On to crazy kids. Z and A are keeping me busy! Z is on a legality kick. Everything has to be black and white no grey. I live in the grey - comes from being a blue apparently (true colors reference). Yesterday the issue was a sleep over. I told him definitively NO! He wanted to know why. I told him that he could not have a sleep over with a girl. I'm not explaining birds and bees at 6 so I just wanted him to accept it. He found a loop hole he wanted to wiggle through. We allowed a sleep over with the cousins a while back - they're girls. Stressfull!!!!! Today he was on a kick about saving the animals and would like us not to use animal products. I don't think he could give up all the foods. A is just in a mode about how she looks. She has created a particular style where things "match". They have to be the same color ead to toe one day. The next day we're wearing two different socks. My other favorite is today - shorts with her dress. Why? Because they are the same color. Then we're eating at Jardin Corona and she shouts out "PENIS" for no apparent reason. Of course I start to chuckle because there's nothing else to do and she shouts "WEINER". Now the whole table is trying to stifel the laughter. I try to compose my self just long enough to ask her not to say these things right now, but she sees the conversation coming. "We only say penis to adults and doctors." This is what she tells me. I just turn and see if I can keep from total loss of composure.
So Dawn, David and I went "Junk" shopping. You know the kind where one mans junk is another mans treasure. It was so much fun, but I think when we do that trip again we'll call it by it's new name "denomination shopping". We stopped at all the different denominations thrift shops except the Catholic one because it was closed. It was just so much fun! I bought 2 hats for the ladies tea in March - you'll all have to plan to come because it's so fun! Then I found an awsome picnic basket that I think the kids will love to use this spring. To top it all off I found some funky furniture that I just had to have and they were priced just right! I bought an ottoman that looked freshly reapohlstered. It will be beautiful in the library as we get that room going. It will also be a great addition to the photography prop stash. I also bought this funky high backed skinny chair. It's dark wood with not quite lime green apohlstry. It has arms on the chair and everything. I just love it! Better yet Nate loved it. Both pieces for a steal! Oh! and the chairlooks GREAT in the library!
Talking about Nate. Thusday at the school boad meeting he recieved his filing packet for LISD school board elections. He plans to turn it in Monday. Tonight he is meeting with a potential treasurer because he needs one before he can file and I think she'll be a grat addition to the team. Ann Reviel started a Facebook Page and it's fabulos! We'll be challenged again this year to keep up on house work, but at least we have a few systems in place from last year to help with that. We also continued the Blackberry Service so that we don't double book appointments.
Today we learned of the death of one of the greatest faculty members of McNeil High School, Jinx Lacy. She was an incredible woman when we were there, and from what I've read from her students today she continued to be an asset. A celebration of her life will be Wednesday 6pm at the PAC for those interested. You know you wonder as a teacher if you truly impact your students lives. Watching the community that knew Ms. Lacy share their photos, stories, an thoughts about her gives me peace. I know that even though those kids aren't able to tell me now how the few moments I give them each day and the knowledge I equip them with will turn out that I am making a difference in their lives. Teachers you are all a blessing in the lives you touch. Thank you.

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