Sunday, February 08, 2009

Just this Morning

I woke to the pink glow from an almost spring sun, a beautiful bird serenading us from the tree - then the dog barking at the bird to establish territory. Suddenly it dawned on me that today is the LWML bake sale at church - that's why I left the brownie stuff out. I set to the task of making brownies and thought - mini brownies would be fun. I think I have some muffin liners in the pantry. Off to find them. As I was scrounging through my baking goods a can of sweetened condensed milk left from it's perch by my shoulder. It sailed effortlessly through the air ending with a beautiful nose dive on the top of my foot. Pain instantaneously shot through my foot causing a quick reaction to prevent any projectile bodily fluids from spewing out of my mouth. At least it kept other thins from flying out of my mouth as well. I hobbled to a chair and contmplated the situation. Tears welled in my eyes waves of nausia came over me. Nate emerged from the bedroom just in time for me to decide ice pack is a great idea. He diligently got the ice, made the brownies and all that stuff that people do in the morning. After getting the family ready to go to church we were headed out. I kept feeling ill, and thought it was definitely a long walk from the car to the sanctuary even though Nate dropped me off at the door. After a while I conceeded - to the ER we go. Made arrangements for the kids, my dad came to take me to the ER. Al that stuff. Now I'm home and can relate that I have a really deep bruise - formally called a crush injury. Doctor said it would get worse before better, stay off it, and take meds. I just laugh at stay of it - try to have small children and teach middle school while staying off your foot. I think I'll be rolling in my chair through the halls. Thank you to everone who though of me through this ordeal. It will get better - soon I hope.

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