Saturday, February 21, 2009

Rise and Shine!!!!!

It's a bummer to wake up to high winds and cold air, but I'm still in good spirits about the day! Last night we had the school dance, and it was a blast! My foot is killing me after a few unwise decisions, but it was worth it. I got to do the cha-cha with one group of students, the stupid shuffle (I think that's the name of it) taught to me by another student, and SHOUT! with yet another group of students. Other than that it was just a great time socializing with them and making sure they didn't get in to too much trouble. Middle school kids can be pretty crazy, but I will have to say that we have a great group of students! We also have a great group of parents! They came out to support us by giving their time to work the booths. They donated soda's. It was great! It was really awsome when the pizza delivery guy donated $5 of his own money to our cause. That truly was a gift.
Talking about "awesome" this is A's new word of the day. Right now she's putting one caboodle inside another and saying awesome over and over again. Earlier she tried out the new shower head that Nate installed in our shower and went running around the house shouting "AWESOME!!!!". I do have to agree that the shower head is awesome! Besides fixing are poor flow problem - it was one of those soft shower messager ones - it also fixed the temperature issues. We thought that maybe it tok so long to heat because of how far from the heater we were, but now it's almost instant heat. I love it! Nate just laughs. New shower had is a nice inexpensive touch to making your bathroom feel like new.
Nate also installed a new fan in the library. It has two fans and a central light unit. It just reminds me of Ernest Hemingway. Perfect in a library. Can't wait to finish cleaning it all out and getting moving on the rest of it. Painting the walls, wood floors, book cases, furniture. As for the furniture it might end up being all thrift store finds. I keep finding funky furnture at the thrift stores that I love. If you have not been over to try our new green chair - yes it's ugly by it's self, but beautifyl in the library - you just have to try it! Everyone that sits in it thinks that it has suprising comfort. Then I bought a new ottoman. OMGosh!!!! It looks newly covered though I want to clean it just to see. It's big and beautiful! Worked perfect while my foot was horribly hurting. Stepped in the center of it one day and realized that the center spring no longer existed. As long as it's used as intended purpose and not a launch pad I think we're in good shape.
A is totally killing me thos morning! She is trying on compound sentences to see how they work. She was just telling me how she took the beads off her art project just to count them and then wanted to glue them back on. The problem came when she couldn't get the glue open. Now that the beads are properly counted she is putting glue where they went and reapplying them. Z wanted to go pound a few more spoons to look for angels, but I'm still working on the first 3 so I told him no. Who know's what he is up to now! I'm in need of working on girl journals for Bags of Hope Ministries. It's really cool to make these for the kids at the RTC's. Well A calls so I must go. Have a great Saturday!

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