Tuesday, June 09, 2009

When you ask....

People always ask me "What are you going to do with your summer?"

So I thought I would tell you. At times it will be boring - others not so much.
Saturday - took A to a birthday party and Main Event, then to get dance shoes because she out grew hers 20 days before the recital! Then to Pete and Aud's to see Luke, Laura, Casey, Anna, Josh. Nate had smoked a brisket and it was very yummy!

Sunday - church, lunch at Freddy's, then to see Up! in 3d. Long nap, then take A to get makeup for recital. See FB photo album for pictures ;)

Monday - Dropped kids at school, car battery died, Nate fixed it. Went to school where I found out that my summer school was canceled. Yeah and not yeah! Bought lots of fresh food at the HEB. Made - Mint Lemon Limeaid, gazpacho, fruit soup, bread pudding, pineapple salsa type thing, roast with blackberry balsamic viniager and gran mariner sauce, mashed potatoes with fresh parmesan cheese. Had the best help making all this, and great social time with Karen O. Fed all the food to the family plus Luke and Laura. Then argued over who was getting what left overs.

Tuesday - FB, NJHS project, study math.... Who know's what else.

NJHS Project - I need your old jeans!!!! I really just need the back pockets but I hate to waste any part of the jeans so I'll take the whole thing if you want. We'll be using them in August for our back to school bash. I'll also need any left over fabric paint you might have laying around. THANKS IN ADAVNCE!!!!

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