Sunday, June 21, 2009

Update #1 - since I'm behind

I really have no idea what I've done for the last 9 days unless I've captured it in photos. So lets start with the night of the storm. Alyssa had a great dress rehearsal and there are about a billion pictures of it on the 2-D website. Kylie came over and the girls played dress up with make up and stuff for their rehearsal. Then Chrysta came over and did the cutest little dancer's buns for them. The girls felt like princesses that night. After the rehearsal we had to go to Freebirds! It was buy one get one, and who can refuse that. While driving out to Pflugerville we saw the storm coming, but we thought it would pass while we were eating dinner. Z had his second 1/2 Bird and Alyssa had her first 1/2 Bird. She LOVED it! We played with making our barrito's stand up on end, but then the kids kept getting in trouble. Oh well.

After being at Freebirds for an hour and a half we decided to just go, even though the storm hadn't hit yet. So here's the 2 pictures I took at the light by I-35 before it hit....

Driving down Parmer the rains came - to the point I couldn't see. I was not the only person completely stopped on the road. Nate got mad at me because I stopped in what used to be the left lane, but that was because I didn't know if I was still in it or not, and there are ditches on either sideof the road. I finally got right, and that's when the hail came. We switched seats and Nate drove us to his parents house on Anderson Mill. Little did we know that this was where the brunt of the storm was. We survived, the car got a few more dings, and the kids learned a lot about the emergency broadcasting system. Nate learned that the right lane floods first. His parents learned that the new down spout needed to point in another direction. I suggest rain to test new gutters and down spouts. You will know immediately if you're going to flood your driveway. Man that barrito was good!

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