Sunday, June 21, 2009

Update #2 - Party Weekend

Look at these beautiful ladies!!! So - this was definitely a party weekend. Alyssa had 2 birthday parties for her little dance friends. One had pony rides and the other was a Bat Cruise. Totally Fun!!!! There are a few pictures on the 2-D website, look under Noelani's album. If you're an Austinite there are a few pictures you've gotta' see! If you're not an Austinite - you'll want to be! Just great casual fun on the lake on a summer evening. If you want prints you are welcome to order them. Some of them would make great wall hangings - probably not the one of the couple on the raft, but some of the other ones. Oh it was so fun!

In the mix of that was a birthday party for Nate. We had it at Reales on 183 and Andrson Mill. If you have not eaten there it's a great little local joint that serves the best Italian. Skip Olive Garden and eat the real thing at Reales. Can you tell we gave the camera to A so everythings at the angle of a 4yo? We had so much fun that I was certain we would be asked to tone it down.

Birthday party tip - color code the good bags. Each kid had their own goodie bag and everything was color coded to match. Each kid knew who's was what. No fuss at all. The other thing I liked was theme iced cookies instead of cake for a party on the move. Noelani's mom certainly knows how to plan a party that goes from shore to boat in no time. She even had a pin the tail on the bat game to play while we waited for the cruise to start.

Romantic evening idea - they have these little boats with a table on them where you can eat dinner while cruising on the lake. Of course you get to see the bats take flight while out.

Happy Birthday to Ashlynn, Noelani, Nathan......

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