Sunday, June 21, 2009

Update #3 - more about the bats and other Austin stuff

This is just a bad shot of the bat statue down town. I love that the beer billboard is better lit than the statue. Difficult tot take this picture when you're down town with a 4yo at night. She was not thrilled with traffic and this is literally in the middle of the road.

I just like the architecture of the new Parmer Events Center. Maybe I'll take time and go down there to really take some great pictures. I was across the lake and in the car for this one. Note that I was actually shooting while at the red light and not while moving ;)

OK so the light had just turned green when I shot this one, but how cool is this?!?! I love that image of the capital building as you drive down Congress.

This is Dawn. Dawn puts up with my gallivanting around the country side. She took me to Buda to look at a few interesting antique stores, then we went to South Congress where we looked at a few more places. I hate to say it but a lot of the shops on South Congress are over priced, but it's fun to look. Granted price is such a personal thing when you're talking antiques and vintage. Me I'm patient and can wait for exactly the right price or for it to show up in the thrift stores. We also went to Big Top Candy Shop to have a beverage from the Soda Fountain. I got a Dr. Pepper Float and remembered that I have never ben able to drink a full one of those. Dawn got an Egg Cream and said that she probably wouldn't do it again. Notbad, just not her favorite.

So... In Buda we ate at Culvers. This is their lid dispenser. Gotta' love it! You pull down th door and it grabs 1 lid for you. No fondeling every one elses lids. No lids strewn about the counters because they can't stay contained. POP! Here's a lid! It's great.

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